The Developing World



As directors of Leaderscape, Michael and Valery Murphy have for a long time carried a burden for the ‘least reached peoples’ of the world.

As a former flight attendant, Valery’s heart was affected as she walked the streets of Mumbai and visited Aussie drug prisoners in the ‘Bangkok Hilton’. When Michael, a young wide eyed would-be missionary, visited the slums of the Philippines and interacted with the poorest of the poor on Sumba Island Indonesia, he was changed forever.

These ‘burdens’ have led them to minister and visit around 30 nations of the world, each of which has made an indelible impression upon their hearts.

Their experiences and the people that they have met have and will continue to shape a significant part of the Leaderscape heart, moving forward.

In addition to serving the church in the developed world, God has mandated that Leaderscape should not neglect the ‘least reached’ peoples.

Therefore a portion of our time will be dedicated to visiting those with whom we have existing relationships, throughout Asia, the Pacific and South America. Also we will be supporting and encouraging new friends in some of the nations of the African continent, and the Middle East.

We invite missionary partnerships to help resource the ministry to these special leaders, called by God, who go where few others will.