Momentum Masterclass USA 2022

After nearly 40 years of Leaderscape ministry and over 8,000 hours of consulting with Lead Pastors and their teams, Pastor Michael Murphy is inviting you to attend a Round Table event.


Peoples Church, Cincinnati, OH – 8 October

You can expect to increase church health, growth, and momentum in these half-day round tables.

Michael will teach four solid sessions, which are the convergence of the most critical shifts you and your team need to make.

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  • Preach and teach to make disciples

  • Curate a life giving, disciplemaking and leadership culture

  • Attract and retain 3 x more guests

  • Mobilise 30% of your congregation on active mission, invitation and bringing every week

  • Design and deliver an effective growth track that actually works

  • Double your teams in 3 – 4 months

  • Build a reproductive small group system that doubles your small groups in 6 months

We all know this is bigger than you, so bring your team (limit of 10) and be part of this masterclass.

Join Michael as he covers each of the points above and more.

Your seat would normally cost you $500, but because these are our first round table events in the USA, you get your seat for only 10% of that.

Secure your seat at this limited event for $49.00 per person OR bring your team (limit of 10) for $200.

Select where you would like to attend and click the button below and book your seat.

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Praise from Senior and Lead Pastors from across the globe

Rob Ketterling | Lead Pastor
River Valley Church

Jonny Lee | Senior Pastor
Renewal Christian Centre

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Ps’ Michael and Valery Murphy

Getting more predictable and accelerated health-based momentum in your church is possible.

From our experience working with leaders across the globe, there are things that you can do that will result in predictable accelerated momentum.

If this is what you’re experiencing any of these right issues right now, then booking your seat will help you get the momentum you want.

  • Feeling frustrated at the pace or even absence of growth in your current season?
  • Why do you have so much vision, yet growth seems to happen so slowly?
  • Mused about how sometimes momentum seems so elusive & yet you know you’ve got it in you?
  • Amidst all the conferences you’ve been inspired at (and I love me a good conference!), whether there were still some things you’re not seeing?
  • Despite the numerous questions you ask of yourself and your team (as any good leader does), whether there were questions you’ve not thought of asking?
  • Wish that, given you are called by God, that you’ve been given a leadership gift & that the need for Christ in your city gets greater by the day, that your church’s momentum was somehow more predictable?
  • Want to know all the practical & tactical how-to’s to get things moving?

Can’t make this event?

Jump on our list, and we’ll let you know when and where our next one will be.

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