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Our Story

Some 35 years ago, in Michael Murphy’s corporate marketing career, a passion for leadership development and organizational results was born.

Michael then catalyzed this experience in the non-profit sector, initially as Associate Minister of Hillsong church, for its first 12 years, then as Senior Pastor of Shirelive, in Sydney’s south, for 18 years.

During these 3 decades, as well as launching a number of non-profit initiatives, both locally and globally, and serving on numbers of boards of Directors, Michael continued his keen interest in coaching leaders in the corporate and church sectors.

This new season marks a convergence of the 35 years of leadership experience, a cross cultural sensitivity and a Masters Degree in the field of Leadership.

Together with his wife Valery, they have raised 3 children, each now successful in their respective fields; Leah a film producer in London; Ryan a lawyer in Sydney; and Elyse a young adults minister in Los Angeles. They are indeed a ‘global’ family!

In addition to their ongoing commitment to their leadership roles with both Alphacrucis College and Australian Christian Churches, Leaderscape sees them in other parts of the world several months of the year. (USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America)


What We Do

Coaching Ministry

Supporting church leaders through encouragement and coaching, both personally and strategically

Global Development

Addressing the plight of least reached peoples in the developing world

Corporate Associates

Supporting marketplace leaders in the political and corporate arena

Next Generation

Recognising the unique passion and therefore dedication to helping raise next generation leaders


Repealing Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong, leaders can make right.

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