XLR8: A Prophetic & Practical Blueprint to Double Your Church

I’ve been in Christian leadership roles for forty years, and this book has been a decade in the making. During that time, I’ve invested more than 10,000 hours to provide insights and resources for 1,000 lead pastors and their teams. XLR8 is the product of these interactions. My goals for the book aren’t small XLR8 is designed to help you:

I wrote this book to equip ministry leaders with everything they need to increase their church’s growth like never before. — Michael R Murphy
  • Demolish any frustration
  • Accelerate fulfillment
  • Fulfill your calling
  • Mobilize forty percent
  • Engage every guest
  • Activate authentic discipleship
  • Double your small groups
  • Equip your leaders
  • Restore health and strengthen your volunteer teams
  • Develop a seamless leadership pipeline
  • Release untapped financial resources
  • Steward a disciple making movement of God’s Spirit.

Looking to grow your church or ministry?

Fix Your Nets

If you focus your attention on the front door, there won’t be nearly as much of a problem with people leaving out the back.

Fuel Your Multiplication

Integrate well and empower your groups and equip your Leaders

Fill Your funnel

How to maximize the impact of your worship services and explore a strategy to enlarge the number of people who attend.

Flex Your Capacity

Lead well and avoid the conflicting purposes of pleasing God and avoiding the criticism of people.

Michael R Murphy

Michael Murphy, Founder of Leaderscape, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting leaders of movements, companies and churches in both the developing and developed worlds.

With a total of 30 years of Ministry behind him, 12 of those Michael was Brian Houston’s Senior Associate for the launch of Hillsong and then 18 years as senior pastor of Shirelive and for the past 10 years, Michael has continued his ministry to churches globally through Leaderscape programs.

National and International Leadership:

  • Chairman of Alphacrucis College and for 8 years prior Vice President
  • 15 years in denominational leadership roles at both State and national levels with Australian Christian Churches
  • Founder/ Leader of Christian Men’s Network Australia (CMN) and currently on the board of CMN Global.
  • Eight years as a member of the ACC Global Missions Council
  • Extensive experience in most Asian nations, North America, South America, United Kingdom and Europe.

Specialized Ministry:

  • Founding Director of Christian Men’s Network in Australia for 10 years
  • Chairman of Youth Alive New South Wales (State Youth Ministry of ACC)
  • Former director of Hillsong Music Australia
  • Ongoing consultation with Gloria Jeans International Board of Directors
  • Mentoring/Coaching of key political and business leaders in Australia

XLR8: A prophetic & practical blueprint to double your church

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“I have known my good friend Michael Murphy to be an astute student, learner and leader of all things Church. Its nurture, development and growth — both spiritual and strategic. In XLR8, he synthesizes his decades of leadership experience and wisdom and distills it for us to apply for our own godly vision fulfillment. I know that every leader who reads this book will want to share its pragmatic wisdom with others. I have learned and grown – you will, too.”

Sam Chand

Leadership Consultant and a friend of Michael Murphy

“Mike Murphy understands why Church and church communities matter – for us to be discipled and be part of discipling others, so we can all know the impact of God in our own lives, our families, our communities and our nation.

Mike knows that God’s Church is the hope of the side here on earth. He loves the Church, he respects it, and he honours it. XLR8 is not a church growth formula. It is the distilled wisdom of Mike’s experience, sacrifice and passion for making disciples of Christ. Mike’s insights are clear, coherent, practical and humble. They will help church leaders to make their churches the places we need them to be.”

Scott Morrison

Hon. Scott Morrison MP, 30th Prime Minister of Australia

“In my journey with countless ministries, few have left an impression as deep as Michael Murphy. A beacon for the local church, Michael’s “Heroes” encapsulates his dedication to faith and community. Each page resonates with tales of unsung heroes, inspiring a profound appreciation for the pillars of our spiritual communities. Michael isn’t just an author; he’s a dear friend and relentless advocate for the transformative power of the local church. Delve into this masterpiece, and you’ll discover the heartbeat of true discipleship.”

Steve Chaney

CPA | Managing Partner, Chaney & Associates A Professional Corporation