How to focus your leadership

Focus is such an important issue for leaders. Sometimes we try to do way too many things at once. In the last two-and-a-half years we've been travelling the world, there have been three words that have constantly come up: Focus, Intentionality, and Clarity.

A Life-Giving Spirit

A life-giving culture in your church and team. You have to really know what kind of culture you want. When we talk about "life-giving" it brings all sorts of overtones and thoughts as to what that really means.

The Apple Experience

There are three things that struck me whilst being in the Apple Store getting my computer fixed that can help us in our leadership.

The Leadership Stretch

Leadership, like any workout, requires stretch. Leadership stretch is not something that we look forward to as leaders but it is absolutely necessary.


Sabbath. To be really honest I haven't been doing it all that great over the last couple of years. Obviously, we have times off when we can.

The restoration of your soul

If we think of Nehemiah and the incredible job that he did in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The temple had already been restored but the wall were broken down, which means the temple was very vulnerable to attack.

Where do I find good team members?

If we can’t recruit and develop and release teams we are flying solo. Flying solo will always put a ceiling on what we can accomplish.

The Great Confession

Jesus tells a story in Matthew 21 where he walked past a tree and wanted something to eat. There was no fruit on the tree in fact there was leaves. He cursed that tree and when they walked past the day after that tree had absolutely shrunk to its roots.

The relationship between love and creativity

Art and creativity over the years have very much been spurned by love, and betrayed love. Think about the songs and poems that have been written. Think about the paintings that have been painted.

Leading High Level Leaders

When we start out as leaders it is not so difficult to lead individuals. Those that are just starting out on their journey, those who starting to learn how to serve and get going in their career or calling.

Change before you have to

Change before you have to is a real relevant theme for many. If we look at King Josiah, he was an infant king only 8 years of age. He had a lot of advisors and so forth. He found the Books of the Law that had been lost for many years.

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