Focus, Intentionality & Clarity

The complexity of leadership in 21 century church is actually quite horrendous. These 3 things will help you to cut through.

Why spiritual formation is so important

When we look at why things go wrong, sometimes we find out that it is the result of technical skill or the lack of proper ministry. But more often then not great crashes and burns happen as a result of a lack of Spiritual Formation.

The mistake of not taking time out

One of the real challenges as a leader amidst of the cut and thrust of the busyness of the lives that we lead, is actually not taking time out.

Building a solutions mindset

There are so many pastors (myself included) that wish that their team would become more solution oriented. Many times team members only present problems to their leader instead of solutions.

How to quickly connect with people

One of the things I love doing is eating at restaurants. We travel about 10 months of the year so I get many opportunities to do so. When we connect with waiters and waitresses I challenge myself to make an impression on them.

When things go wrong on the inside

Have you ever felt blah, flattened out, not really understanding what you are doing? Feeling that joy is seeping out of you, but you keep going and pushing through but you realise that you are running on empty?

The thing is not the thing

Leadership is always about the heart. The Bible talks to us about the fact that we are spirit, soul and body.

Welcome to Repealing Murphy’s Law!

Leaders by definition actually solve problems. There are many issues that arise within organizations that need someone to step up and rally a team and make a difference.

WHEELS DOWN! Leaderscape in 5 countries.

Wheels down after a long 24-hour flight from Sydney, Australia. Heathrow,  grey and awakening at 6 am, is a familiar place now. As I feel us land, I am prepared and excited to again be ministering in Europe. Boarding my flight for Dublin after a brief stop in England, I'm looking forward to meeting with churches in both the north and south of the island, united in faith. It's filling me with great anticipation. Thinking through the ten weeks ahead, [...]

Kampala Kapers – Leaderscape in Uganda

Kampala Kapers! We've come to an area somewhere in a village on the outskirts of Kampala. It's a part of our Leaderscape 'developing world' work. A dirt floor and a marquee splattered with the typical red dust and mud of the area, holy in places as you look up towards its roof and see spindles of sunlight breaking through the canvas. But the 'holy - ness' isn't just physical. I find myself now sitting listening to Michael preach with a [...]

Greener Pastures Syndrome – 5 Ways that God Speaks Clearly to Us!

Sometimes we are better to obey God in what appears to be a land of famine than to reposition ourselves.  The grass is not necessarily greener "on the other side"....It's greener where God chooses to bless & water it.. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to walk by faith & not by sight. Relying so heavily on our senses as we do, this often appears much more complex than God intended it to be. Just as the doctor [...]

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