Sometimes we are better to obey God in what appears to be a land of famine than to reposition ourselves. 

The grass is not necessarily greener “on the other side”….It’s greener where God chooses to bless & water it..

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to walk by faith & not by sight.

Relying so heavily on our senses as we do, this often appears much more complex than God intended it to be. Just as the doctor examining an infant must rely on their vital signs, and the pilot flying in a storm must take heed to his instruments,

So too, must we listen for and obey God’s guidance.

There are many times in life when the enemy, rather than kill us, only needs to reposition us away from God’s purpose and plan in order to win. Truthfully, we are often much better to stay positioned where God wants us to be than to take what appears to be the road of ease into what appears to be greener pastures.

Isaac was tempted to go down to Egypt, but God told him to stick it out and stay in what appeared to be a land of famine. In obedience, he sowed and planted seed in that land of famine, and I’m sure to his amazement and delight, reaped a hundredfold in that same year…in the so-called land of famine!!

Often He is saying to stay where He wants us to be, sowing in obedience to Him and expecting our faithfulness to be rewarded with fruitfulness.

God rarely guides us through an audible voice but does want to clearly speak to us through the following combination of ways:

1. His revealed word in our hearts
2. Counsel from those we trust
3. The desires of our heart
4. The prevailing circumstances
5. The peace of God in our hearts

So…listen to what He has to say and obey His voice!

If and when God wants you to move, He will make it abundantly clear.