What do you do as a leader when your present reality is not yet resembling what’s in your heart for the enterprise, non-profit or church which you are leading?


It’s important to acknowledge that that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

If a leader is entirely content with what’s in their midst, Id question whether either their vision is large enough.

Or whether,  in a bid to maintain the comfort of the status quo, they are in denial about things that need to shift.

Leaders must get comfortable with a certain degree of discontentment.

Dear Leader, you are experiencing the reality of “Prophetic Irony”!

Vision, by definition, is ‘not yet’!

……..What you see beyond your current horizon is not yet manifest in your now!

That’s the ironic nature of all prophecy. You see something beyond that which is not yet here.

So what’s a leader to do?

You must continue seeing, saying & strategising toward “IT”!

As you do, without losing heart, or allowing your frustration a free rein……

watch God unfold His purpose before your very eyes. 


Michael Murphy